About us


Who we are

Our company specializes in the production and marketing of indigenous plants in Mediterranean areas, intended for environmental works or low water-consumption gardening.

Society's increasing awareness of the environment makes it more important to use species that fit perfectly into the implementation zone. It is for this reason that Cultidelta, since its creation in 1999, has been developing the task of producing a wide diversity of species suitable for various ecosystems or utilities, selected by its drought tolerance parameters, ornamental potential or other purposes that may be interesting.

Investigation and development

In addition, we have a technical department that is continuously doing research and development work, collaborating in the drafting or modification of projects, providing the most appropriate technical solutions for each case.

Natural Environment

We carry out this task from our privileged environment, in Amposta, 180 km south of Barcelona, between the Ports Natural Park, a mountainous area of high ecological value with the presence of relict forests and the Ebro Delta Natural Park, one of the most important wetlands and dune systems in the Mediterranean sea.