We contribute to…

Water management

Water is an increasingly scarce natural good, so it is convenient in gardening projects to use species with low water requirements. At Cultidelta, in addition to selecting the species for this purpose, we produce them not only taking into account parameters of beauty, but also hardening, giving key importance to the root system.

Production processes

Sustainability is not just a politically correct concept but a way of doing things. From Cultidelta we try to contribute to a correct use of this concept and for this we take measures such as the reduction of phytosanitary products to a minimum, the use of certified recyclable pots or the reuse of part of the excess irrigation water. In addition, 100% of the energy used comes from renewable energies.

Use of native species

For environmental projects, the use of native species typical of the area where the work is carried out is essential, to help restore the degraded landscape. In both public and private gardening, we believe that the use of species from other Mediterranean areas of the planet, such as California or South Africa, among others, should not be a problem, as long as they are not invasive, a factor that we obviously also control.

Creation of habitats or green areas

In addition to aesthetic factors, it is very important to use this type of species for other fundamental issues such as erosion control, attraction of useful fauna or bees, or the generation of healthy spaces for people, both from a physical and emotional point of view.

CO2 reduction

The use of plant species in environmental restoration works and gardening help to absorb CO2, essential to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Taking into account these aspects related to sustainability in the production of ornamental plants, at Cultidelta we contribute to the health and well-being of the environment, helping to create more sustainable landscapes.